Professor and Chairperson
Department of Sociology and Criminology

Outstanding University Research Award Winner, 2008


Social Inequality (SOC 3900, PJ 5000)

Perspectives on U.S. Poverty (SOC 2950, PJ 5200)

The Social Safety Net (SOC 3900)

U.S. Society in Critical Perspective (SOC 4000)

Statistics and Probability

Selected Publications

 Hannon, Lance and Robert DeFina. "The Reliability of Same-Race and Cross-Race Skin Tone Judgements." Race and Social Problems Forthcoming.

DeFina, Robert and Lance Hannon, "Deunionization and Drug Death Rates." Social Currents 6: 4-13 (2019)

McCorkel, Jill and Robert DeFina, "Beyond Recidivism: Identifying the Lberatiry Possiblities of Prison Higher Education." Critical Education  10: 1-17 (2019)

Kramer, Rory, Robert DeFina, and Lance Hannon. “Racial Rigidity in the United States: A Comment on Saperstein and Penner.” American Journal of Sociology 122 (2016).

DeFina, Robert and Lance Hannon. “Social Status Attainment and Racial Category Selection in the Contemporary United States.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 44: 91-97  (2016)

Hannon, Lance and Robert DeFina. “Can Incarceration Really Strip People of Racial Privilege?” Sociological Science 3: 190-201 (2016).

Hannon, Lance and Robert DeFina. “Reliability Concerns in Measuring Respondent Skin Tone by Interviewer Observation.” Public Opinion Quarterly 80: 534-541 (2016).

DeFina, Robert and Lance Hannon. "The Changing Relationship Between Unemployment and Suicide." Suicide and Life Threatening Behavior  2:217-29 (2015)

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